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Guardianship and Declaration of Incapacitation
Establishing Guardianship and Obtaining a Declaration of Incapacitation
Dependency Determination (Military)
When to Start the Transition Process
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Exploring Possibilities and Guardianship Issues - Age 17
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After High School Graduation - Age 19-22
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Early Intervention
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Wheelchair Accessible Vans
Van Conversion: A good Example
Fund Raising - The Flamingo Air Project
Utah DSPD Complaint List Winter 2011



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2016 March - "Looking to Relocate"

2016 February - "Income Taxes and the Special Needs Family"

2016 January - "Research Programs and Services State-by-State"


2015 November - "Wheelchair Accessible Vans Part 2: Purchasing"

2015 October - "Wheelchair Accessible Vans Part 1: What's Right For You"

2015 September - "Early Planing = Holiday Fun"

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2015 July - "Form DD 137 Made Easier (Sort of)"

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2015 February - "11 Benefits of Support Groups"

2015 January - "Writing Your Elected Officials"


2014 April - "A year of Grump Busting"

2014 March - "Creating a Documented Timeline""

2014 February - "Disability Sensitivity: Accessibility Helps for Leaders"

2014 January - "New Years Resolution"


2013 June - "How To Offer Services That Special Needs Families Can Actually Use"

2013 May - "Military Dependent ID Cards: Managing the Paperwork"

2013 April - "Ability vs. Disability"

2013 March - "Sensitivity Activity"

2013 February - "Making the Transition to College and Career"

2013 January - "Banishing the Grumpmeister"


2012 October - "Comfort Kits for Special-Needs Children"

2012 September - "Medical Sufficiency Letters Revisited"


2011 November - "Surviving the Holidays"

2011 October - "Don't Toss That Last Year's IEP!"

2011 September - "The Yearly IEP"

2011 August - "Transition Planning for the Future"

2011 July - "Permanent Change of Station Moves"

2011 June - "Putting Some "Zip" Into Summer"

2011 May - "Alaska Assistance Dogs and PTSD"

2011 April - "Letters of Justification"

2011 March - "If It Isn't On Paper"

2011 February - "How to Testify at a Public Hearing"

2011 January - "Writing Your Elected Officials"


2010 November - "Special Needs Family Readiness for National Guard and Reserve Part II: Military Special Needs Programs"

2010 October - "Special Needs Family Readiness for National Guard and Reserve Part I"

2010 September - "How to Apply for Private Funding"

2010 August - "Funding Sources: Finding Financial Assistance"

2010 June - "Enjoying a Relaxed Summer"

2010 May - "Dependancy Determination"

2010 April - "Ramp Basics"

2010 March - "Guardianship and Declaration of Incapacitation"

2010 February - "Massage Therapy for Individuals With Medical Needs and Disabilities"

2010 January - "Income Taxes and the Special Needs Family"


2009 December - "Avoiding the Christmas Crazies"

2009 November - "Battling Winter Time Boredom"

2009 October - "Submitting a Preauthorization Request for a Power Wheelchair Purchase"

2009 September - "Medical Sufficiency Letters Simplified"

2009 August - "Funding Wheelchair Accessible Vans and Lift Conversions"

2009 July - "What to do if an Application is Denied"

2009 June - "Benefits and Services Part II"

2009 May - "Benefits and Services Part I"

2009 April - "How to File an Appeal"

2009 March - "Wheelchair Etiquette"

2009 February - "Learning to Drive"

2009 January - "Accessibility in Architecture"


2008 December - "A Very Merry Recession Christmas"

2008 November - "Universal Housing Dilemma (Part 2)"

2008 October - "Universal Housing Dilemma"

2008 September - "What to Expect During an Initial Speech, Language and Feeding Evaluation"

2008 August - "Back to School"

2008 June - "Underinsured or Uninsured"

2008 May - "Two Programs Every Parent Should Apply For"

2008 April - "Managing Medical Claims: Part II (What to Do When a Medical Claim Is Denied)"

2008 March - "Managing Medical Claims: Part I (The Insurance Company)"

2008 February - "Finding Services and Support Systems"

2008 January - "Parenting Guidelines for Parents of Autistic Children"


2007 December - "Keeping Christmas"

2007 November - "Adventures in Assistive Technology"

2007 October - "How Much Do We Really Spend?"

2007 September - "Don't Let it Rust"

2007 August - "IEP Team Members"

2007 July - "Care Plans"

2007 June - "The Annual Family Vacation"

2007 May - "The Savvy Medical Consumer"

2007 April - "Resource Links ~ How To..."

2007 March - "Moms (and Dads) Need Time-Out Too!"

2007 February - "Managing Family Shopping"

2007 January - "Grab-and-Go Bags"


2006 December - "Getting Ready For A Hospital Stay: A Parent's Perspective"

2006 November - "After Outpatient Surgery"

2006 October - "Paying For Your New Wheelchair"

2006 September - "Purchasing A Power Wheelchair"

2006 August - "Headed Back to School"

2006 July - "10 Lessons Learned on Vacation"

2006 June - "The "Dreaded" Family Vacation"

2006 May - "Dental Care for the Disabled"

2006 April - "Walkers, Leg Braces, and Home Safety"

2006 March - "Website Reliability"

2006 February - "Letter Writing and the Military Family"

2006 January - "Can I Really Make a Difference?"