Getting Started

Welcome to Special Needs Resource Project. Our intent is to help you, the parent, find a place to start in your quest for services and benefits for your child, no matter what the health issue or disability. We offer monthly newsletters, forms, resource lists, and basic information to help you get started.

As a parent, learning that your child has a severe handicapping medical condition or disability is one of the most frightening things you may ever have to face. You must know (and believe) there are many things that you as a parent can do for your child, regardless of what their diagnosis may be. Taking control of the situation is a very important first step. There is a great deal of responsibility involved in the treatment and care of your child and their medical condition. At times that responsibility can feel overwhelming. Taking baby steps, learning everything you can about your child's diagnosis and prognosis are all things you, the parent, can do to help lighten your load. We've put together a few things here to help get you started with this process.

Military Parents: The same process applies to you, the Military Parent. It doesn't matter if you are an Active Duty career family living on a military base or career National Guard or Reserve living in a civlian community, the process is the same.

The most important strategy to remember, at any time, is ASK QUESTIONS! If there is anything you do not understand, stop right where you are and request an explanation. It doesn't matter where you are. At the hospital for lab testing, school for an IEP meeting, talking with agencies regarding benefits, talking to your insurance carrier, filing paperwork with your base MPF office, etc. Many parents loose out on opportunities to become better advocates for their child, and loose benefits, because they don't have enough information. You can never ask too many questions. Ask, Ask, Ask!

The following sections are designed to get you started on your road to better information and benefits.